« We are a start-up based in Paris. We design retail digital furniture for global and luxury brands.
We create a meaningful link between digital life and the real world, adding strong value to earthly square meters »


Designer of Connected Furniture, we have carried out about 120 projects


In constant search for the last technologies, we are dedicated to offering products more and more innovative


We support you from the creation to the finalization of each of our projects


We create and constantly develop new projects representing our clients
Photos Taken
Events Done
Satisfied Customers
Cups of Coffee


Connected Photos is specialized in beautiful images, pictures and movies.

Our team has an eye for detail and excellence. We work the lighting as a professional studios with the best possible equipment.

Our rendering and filters give amazing photo results and all this  optimized for best digital sharing.

All surfaces whether a table, a shelf or a mirror should bring more value than their original state.

This is why by using the Smart Table Shelf technology in your existing furniture you add new digital features that will empower your customer and give you a better insight of what they are looking at and do. Use the richness of the Smart Table Shelf for all your products.

Our clients  often refer to us as « Digital craftsmen » as we design Creative Furniture tailor made for retail.

We apply our vision to best fit your needs and use our extensive market knowledge to submit best usability and added value to your products.


Booth Up

Capturing a moment and sharing it instantly online. The Booth Up, an extremely efficient digital marketing tool for all brands. 

« Get data, build your community and leave a physical gift. Paper photography is now seen as a luxury product. « 

Magnum Photos gives the opportunity to acquire a portrait in the style of one of their most international renowned photographers.

« Get data, build your community and leave a physical gift. Paper photography is now seen as a luxury product. « 

Each of your guests becomes the photographer of the event with the Insta Printer.

« Get data, build your community and leave a physical gift. Paper photography is now seen as a luxury product. »

Connected Photos redesigned the pioneering camera of photography.

We update it by combining performance, design and high-tech. 


Creating a new experience in store and delivering information, as well as goods there and then. 

We tailor make Digital Vending Machines. 

The Smart Table enables customers to gain information, tips and incites purchasing in a seemingless way whilst on the other hand giving valuable data to brands. 

We believe digital should be smart and in most cases invisible and inviting. 

A memory tool, a sharing tool, a client service centric tool and a till. Undoubtably mirrors will all be connected in the near future.

A mirror than can do a lot more than just reflecting your image. 


 Retailtainement , Information, In Store Sales Tool

3D SCREEN no glasses

 Retailtainment,  Content, Digital Innovation.


 Retailtainment, content, digital innovation


 Product piloting, Data catching, Store to Web, in store sales tool


 Personalizing how to, e-basket, data catching , in store sales tool


We customize furniture taking into account the user experience and benefits for brands.

We work all sizes from tiny table top displays to full digital spaces. If you have an idea and need creative digital input, drop us a line.

« Seeing and believing in Digital Crafts »




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